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Scaling ratios
A1 (1-up): 4.0000
A2 (1-up): 2.0000
A3 (1-up): 1.0000
A4 (2-up): 0.7071
A5 (4-up): 0.5000
A6 (8-up): 0.3536
A7 (16-up): 0.2500
A8 (32-up): 0.1768
A9 (64-up): 0.1250
C5 (4-up): 0.5000
FN (1-up): 0.3333
LT1 (1-up): 0.3333
TW (1-up): 0.5000
MAX (1-up): 3.0000

So if 100 lines looks
good as 1-up set it
to 70 at 2-up 50 at
4-up, and 35 at 8-up