Mar 2014


How dirty is your chocolate, coffee or smartphone?

This proposal was successfully backed and published! You can read the final version here.

An investigation into why our smartphones, coffee and chocolate inexplicably link us to dirty supply chains and how much we really know about the atrocities behind the products we buy.

The piece will ask and try to answer a series of questions. Can a product ever be truly conflict-free? Would we consumers change our purchasing habits if we were made aware of the full extent of the atrocities behind these products? How willing are we to pay a premium for a product that guarantees a clean and transparent supply chain? Wouldn’t higher prices simply create a black market where products are sold cheaply and counterfeits are made, and wouldn’t this be counterproductive?

Interesting quotes will be obtained from people within relevant industries and people with knowledge of supply chain issues (no corporate waffle or self-serving PR). It’ll be similar in style to previous articles I’ve written (see for examples).

1000-1500 words.

Feel free to add any questions to the above that you think could help shape the piece.

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