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Ex-Flickr, ex-Guardian, soon at this rate ex-technology. Sometimes podcaster, sometimes journalist, sometimes musician. Always too busy.
Node, ES6, graphQL and a bazillion years of experience. Currently fully booked.


The usual places

The most straightforward way of getting hold of me is by email, or better still by post:

Rev Dan Catt
PO Box 4862
United Kingdom

You can also follow along with RSS.


There are no trackers on this website, no analytics, external fonts, facebook & social media like button tracking stuff. Except on the 360 Panaramas post and a couple of posts hosting audio with SoundCloud or video with Vimeo. I'm currently moving the files I own to this server, and ones I don't to be linked thumbnails.

It just takes a little time to get 100% free :)

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