Who is behind Contributoria? Where did it come from?

The co-founders are Matt McAlister, Sarah Hartley and Dan Catt. The Editors’ Letter from the first issue of Contributoria explains it all, and the subsequent Letters tell the story of our growth over time. There’s also some info on the About Us page.

How is Contributoria funded?

The writers' commissions are provided by the community membership pool and other sources of funding such as sponsorship. Initial backing came from the Google sponsored International Press Institute News Innovation Contest. We are currently funded by the Guardian Media Group.

If you would like to offer support or sponsorship, please contact us at

What is the relationship to the Guardian?

Contributoria is a division of Guardian Media Group. GMG is incubating the business by providing some functions that help Contributoria to operate while still in early stages of development as a company. Otherwise, Contributoria is a completely separate entity.

There’s more information about Guardian Media Group and its relationship to the Guardian web site and newspaper on the GMG web site.